Existential View of the World

A world without God is a painfully dismal place.

1) There is no purpose for good things or bad things. They just happen. Every event is random; there are no patterns, design, or intention. Just chaos and accident with no possibility of meaning or significance. Roll the Bones.

2) There is no one to thank for good things and no one to complain to about misfortune. There is no emotion only cold, hard, chaotic forces. No comfort, only luck of the draw.

3) There is no expectation for future justice, resolution, or positive outcome.

4) There is no hope of rest or peace, only pain suffering and death.

5) There is no deep connection possible between personalities; only temporary and pragmatic liaisons. Stark and empty aloneness awaits us all.

6) There is no truth or authority only numerous tribal traditions. Ultimately might makes right. No standard. No basis or bounds for human relationships.

7) The only virtues are self-preservation, self-empowerment, self actualization, and self-pleasure. To each his own. Even our procreation is a self serving attempt to perpetuate ourselves beyond death.

A world without God is a painfully dismal place. Our life is a narrative best categorized as a tragedy. Or more accurately a tragic comedy. For all human effort and dreams are mere vanity. A foolish attempt to capture the wind in a jar. Such is a world without God.


The Charismanglican said...

All of this may be true, but I get the feeling that this is less a lament for those who live in a "god-less world" than an argument for God's existence. And it would be a very poor argument, as it wouldn't be based on truth but rather on desire. As a human being I have all sorts of desires. I wouldn't want to think they all deserved to be treated as indicators of truth.

Steve Martin said...

Jesus told us that "in this world you WILL HAVE TROUBLE. But be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world."

In this life there is no rest, no peace, and no victory. But in Christ, we are promised a future where there is no more pain, only joy.

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